Integrated Excel Underwriting

Fits the way you work like a glove ... if that glove magically integrated with Excel.

Work in your comfort zone with Excel.

Rockport's robust model is built to match your deal structure and provides the features of native Excel, with a few added extras. Excel and the Rockport database application have a two-way sync which means you can live in Excel and push rent rolls, cash flows and sizing/underwriting results to the database for reporting.

Quick-size, underwrite and asset manage – all in one model.

Leverage the full functionality of the Rockport model for quick sizing and underwriting as well as ongoing upload and analysis of rent rolls and cash flows over the life of the loan. Rockport's model provides the features you need for each step of the sizing, underwriting, valuation and loan monitoring processes, including sizing to Debt Yield, DSCR and LTV.

Even Complex Analysis is a snap.

Got a complicated deal? Pari-passu, senior-subordinate structures and multi-property loans welcome! Rockport's Excel model custom builds itself for each deal, incorporating each tranche of the debt stack and combined ratios. Size multiproperty loans on a property-by-property or rollup basis.

See the past, present and future.

The Rockport model contains a trend analysis feature for quick comparison of income and expenses over time, a DCF analysis to capture projected changes in future property performance, as well as a refinance analysis to manage balloon risk.