• The Commercial Real Estate Platform for
    Loan Origination and Asset Management.

    Developed by Rick Trepp, founder of Trepp, LLC and Rockport VAL, Rockport is a web-based, enterprise-level CRE platform that enables portfolio lenders, conduits, mezz lenders, b-piece buyers, rating agencies, and asset managers to effectively manage their CRE lending businesses.

  • Integrated Excel Underwriting Model

    Work in your comfort zone. The Rockport Excel underwriting model has a 2-way sync with the database. Everybody referencing the same model and data in real time means more efficiency and less mistakes.

  • A suite of products for every need.

    Rockport is a member of The Rockport Group.
    Together with Rockport VAL and Rockport Solutions/Versara, we have your CRE business needs covered.

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Trusted by the strongest firms in the industry.

System Uptime
$1.5T Trillion
Closed Loan AUM
1B Billion+
Data Points Tracked

A solution for every type of CRE lending business.

From loan origination to asset management, and everything in between.

Rockport has extensive pipeline analysis capabilities for lenders to manage deal flow, key statistics and due dates, as well as generate investment memorandums. Rockport also provides a solid foundation for asset management and special servicing requirements. Combined with powerful reporting, you have the essential foundation for effective portfolio management and early detection of credit deterioration.

Pipeline Management
Asset Management

Role-based customization

Institutional Lender and Investor

Analyze and manage your CRE portfolio in a single platform for maximum transparency and efficiency.

CMBS Surveillance and Asset Manager

Detect and report credit deterioration earlier and re-underwrite in the same model as financials are updated.

B-Piece Investor

Reduce time needed to identify and understand risk by working in the same platform throughout the life of the deal.

Portfolio and Conduit Lender

Seamless, integrated process for effective pipeline management, loan sizing and underwriting, closing and reporting.

Rockport offers unparalleled expertise, service and return on investment.

Knowledge and Experience

Founded by Rick Trepp and developed by a team of industry veterans, Rockport is based on decades of knowledge and experience doing exactly what you do, and the system reflects that attention to detail. We support the full spectrum of CRE lending, and we continually advance the product to meet the changing landscape of the industry and the specific needs of our clients.

Streamlined Process

Rockport provides powerful tools to input, analyze and report on your data, giving you an advantage when making key decisions. With customizable user roles and interfaces, you'll be able to work smarter and more effectively than ever before. Rockport is the only CRE lending system with integrated Excel underwriting, allowing you to work in Excel and sync back to the system.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Centralized data is better quality data, and Rockport's powerful reports let you analyze that data. All this leads to better oversight of your assets, and better decisions.

Buying Beats Building

You're a lender, not a software engineer. The cost of a Rockport subscription is a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining your own system. Plus, what you get with Rockport is more powerful and feature-rich.

Industry-leading features that deliver meaningful value.

Centralized Database

A web-based application allows your team to store and access a common set of data and documents in one place from anywhere you have an internet connection.

A single point of entry provides convenient data transparency and consistency, eliminating the risk of error from duplicate data input and giving you confidence that you are always working with the most up to date data.

The confidence of a full audit trail

Rockport contains audit tracking with date and time stamps of modifications to each field. Audit records are available on-screen and in report format which tends to make compliance departments happy.

Integrated Excel Underwriting

Rockport's robust model is built to match your deal structure and provides the features of native Excel, with a few added extras. Excel and the Rockport database application have a two-way sync which means you can live in Excel and push rent rolls, cash flows and sizing/underwriting results to the database for reporting.

Complex analysis is a snap

Rockport's model handles pari-passu, senior-subordinate structures and multi-property loans. The model is custom built for each deal, incorporating each tranche of the debt stack and combined ratios. Size multiproperty loans on a property-by-property or rollup basis.

The Rockport model contains a trend analysis feature for quick comparison of income and expenses over time, a DCF analysis to capture projected changes in future property performance, as well as a refinance analysis to manage balloon risk.

Powerful Reporting

A comprehensive library of pre-built reports including: Origination/Pipeline Tracking, Committee Brief/ASR, Executive Summary, Sponsor/Tenant Exposure Reporting, Concentrations & Strats, Rating Agency & Accounting Tapes, Business Plan and NPL reporting, and more.

Ad hoc, on-demand and on-the-fly

Need to know in the next five minutes what your exposure is to a natural disaster that happened last night? Rockport includes an Ad-Hoc database query wizard for clients to create reports 'on-demand.' This user-friendly tool enables novices to build quality reports – and schedule reports to automatically publish and distribute.

Custom-tailored reports the way you want them

Our customized reports give our clients exactly what they need for consistent presentation to look polished and professional. Rockport's custom charts and graphs provide a visual representation of your data.

Secure Hosting

SSAE SOC 1/2 Certified

The Rockport System is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Both Rockport and AWS are SSAE SOC 1/2 Compliant – that’s a fancy way of saying that, with Rockport, your data is hosted in the most secure, reliable way available, with 24x7x365 / 99.999% uptime.

Unique per-client databases

In addition to rock solid hosting, your data is stored in its own database, for your eyes only.

Secure, permission-based access, available anywhere, anytime

Connect securely from anywhere; your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.. Read/write access is client-defined at the individual user or user group level – which includes internal users as well as third parties.

Audit Trail

An audit trail on every field, along with activity reports, gives you full oversight.

Customizable Interface

Role-based screens mean more productivity and fewer errors.

Document Storage

Store all of your deal-related documents, private or shared.

Status Notifications

Alert you and/or your team when the status of a deal is updated.

About Rockport

Rockport was conceived by Rick Trepp (Founder of Trepp) in the late 1990's to provide complementary tools to the services provided by Trepp, LLC.

Rockport is a Commercial Real Estate lending management Software as a Service (SaaS) system that allows for complete organization and analysis of clients' internal information related to CRE lending: analytic tools, a centralized information repository for deal documents, ad hoc reporting, excel integrations, asset-specific chart of accounts, full disaster recovery/security protocols, user-defined fields for custom integrations into a client's workflow and a full audit trail for every field in the system for compliance concerns.

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Loan Origination and Asset Management

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