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Here at Rockport, we strongly believe in supporting worthy causes that have a positive
impact on our community. Over the past two decades, we have provided ongoing support to three causes
that are close to our hearts: Avenues for Justice (AFJ), National Scholastic Chess Federation (NSCF), and
New York Cares. Our team sits on the boards of AFJ and NSCF and in addition to financial support, our people also contribute their time and expertise to all three causes.

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Avenues For Justice (AFJ)

Avenues for Justice saves lives. AFJ helps youths avoid prison by helping them get on a supervised path to more productive lives. In doing so AFJ strengthens communities while also giving their clients a second chance. The good that AFJ does also saves New York an enormous amount of money - $5,500 keeps a youth out of prison and saves NY $450,000 a year!

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National Scholastic Chess Federation (NSCF)

The NSCF provides chess education to students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Chess gives these kids a path to developing critical thinking, the ability to think under pressure, and build resilience. It is well-researched that Chess improves the academic and life outcomes for those that study it and the NSCF believes all children should have the opportunity to learn it if they choose. The NSCF operates in 60 schools in 30 different NY and CT communities, serving public and private schools.

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New York Cares

Founded in 1987, New York Cares has been committed to meeting pressing community needs by engaging with caring New Yorkers to provide volunteer services. New York Cares was born out of an understanding of how hard it was as an individual to find places to volunteer and the realization that by providing a centralized way of recruiting, training, and placing volunteers that tremendous good could be created.

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