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When picking a partner that you will work with for years, if not decades, it is critical to pick a good one.
Listen to what our clients have to say:

All vendors say they want to be your partner. Rockport is unique in their approach as a true partner and team member. They’re engaged, responsive and their focus on ‘service after the sale’, not just getting you to signature, provides long-term value to W&D.

Aaron J. Perlis | EVP & Chief Information Officer
Walker & Dunlop

Rockport VAL’s advanced sensitivity analysis tools have improved our collaborative efforts in analyzing today's risk. We can now efficiently create and share multiple valuation scenarios, reaching a consensus on the investment performance and financial exposure, both in the short and long term. All of this comes with the added benefit of reducing our overall tech spend.

Paul Sherrock, SRA, AI-RRS | V.P. Chief Appraiser
BNY Mellon

Rockport has been an enthusiastic business partner. The system was well designed and intuitive, which allowed us to begin integrating our existing loans immediately. When we asked them to build out additional functionality, they delivered on time and as promised. We look forward to continuing the relationship as we explore additional applications of their product.

Robert Maines | Senior Vice President – Operations
Farmer Mac

Without question, Rockport is the best vendor relationship I have experienced. They are experts in their field, but even more importantly they truly listen to their clients. We consider them partners.

Joan Uzdavinis | Vice President
John Hancock Manulife

I seldom post comments regarding products or applications. However, with regards to VAL, I highly recommend real estate professionals look into incorporating Rockport’s VAL into their modeling process. VAL is a real Alternative, without all the complexities while providing all the required functionality needed for creating sophisticated projections for all standard property types. Recently, the addition of Hospitality/Lodging capabilities has made this a go-to application for real estate modeling. Also, Rockport has truly great folks working on their support and development staff. Give them a call today. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and BTW, with their APIs, integration with external applications is really easy - even a non-techie like me can appreciate that.

Tom Skoko | Director of Planning
Rialto Capital Advisors, LLC

As a provider of debt and equity capital to the commercial real estate market, we have a choice on what discounted cash flow modeling applications we choose. A few years ago, we made the switch to Rockport's VAL and we are very happy we did. For years it felt like we didn't have a choice and the software we were using was a one-size-fits-all option. Rockport's VAL is easy to use, provides the ability to customize and tailor the product to your needs, and integrates with other platforms and applications. Rockport's VAL is a cutting-edge product that brings discounted cash flow analysis into the modern, cloud-based era.

Steve Winter | Managing Director
Nassau CorAmerica

If you’re not using Rockport VAL’s CF modeling & valuation software for commercial real estate, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. VAL provides your clients and buyers with economic pro-forma analysis that can materially benefit the sales process - and for the buyer can help them to create a business plan by which they can successfully operate the property.

The software creates amazing reports that are easy to read for investors, lenders, and appraisers. Reports that deliver your story and will get the deal done.

VAL is incredibly user-friendly, with intuitive features that make navigation a breeze. If you ever run into any issues, their videos and help screens will guide you to where you need to go quickly. And if that isn’t enough - their support team is always available and so very helpful.

I can’t speak highly enough about VAL. I am a subscriber and a non-paid enthusiastic supporter. 

Adrian Goldstein | Founder and Principal at CGI+
Real Estate Investments

Our team has been thoroughly impressed with the Rockport VAL platform, which offers a very user-friendly interface and easy implementation for all levels of users. For more than a year, we have been utilizing VAL for DCF modeling alongside other commercially available options and in-house spreadsheets and we’ve found the software refreshingly intuitive.

One of the standout features of Rockport VAL is its level of technical support. The team at Rockport is accessible and has proven to be dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience with the platform, and they are always available to answer any questions or provide in-depth training.

The VAL Excel Add-In has been very useful in importing key data points into our day-to-day templates and general presentation of cash flows and value outputs is well-designed. Overall, we highly recommend Rockport VAL to any commercial real estate professional in need of a reliable and efficient DCF analysis tool.

Christopher Calhoun, MAI | Principal
Calhoun Sands Valuation & Advisory, Inc.

VAL has proven to be a valuable asset to our investment and asset management business. Its intuitive user interface and seamless navigation have significantly streamlined our underwriting process. The software's advanced data analytics capabilities provide precise property valuation comparisons, empowering us to make well-informed investment decisions in a fast-paced market. Additionally, Rockport has demonstrated a commitment to excellence with responsive customer support, making VAL a standout choice for any professional in the commercial real estate industry.

Jonathan "JK" Kahalley | Acquisitions Manager
Shannon Waltchack

Rockport VAL is a game-changer in cash flow modeling and valuation technology. We specialize in CRE Services and Analytics, and we love that so many of our clients now request their properties to be modeled in VAL. Its user-friendly interface is efficient and powerful. Its Excel compatibility and versatility in modeling all property types make it indispensable.VAL’s support team and impeccable onboarding make the transition smooth as we continue to scale. New team members become proficient with VAL in mere hours. We highly recommend VAL.

Michael Grilli | Founder & CEO

As the nation's leading owner of Walmart Shadow shopping centers across 26 states, we've found VAL's technology to be a game-changer for cash flow modeling & valuation! It's become an essential part of our daily acquisition underwriting processes. A big shoutout to the knowledgeable and accessible Dev Team at VAL for assisting us with a custom integration, making property underwriting smoother than ever. Plus, their continuous roll-out of new enhancements keeps making VALs robust technology even better. I genuinely look forward to using Rockport VAL every day.

Zach Koonce | Financial Analyst
MRP Capital Group