for B Piece Buyers & Rating Agencies


for B Piece Buyers & Rating Agencies

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A Lifetime of Supporting Securitization

Securitization and CMBS are in our DNA. Founded by Rick Trepp, founder of Trepp®, and part of the team that worked on the financial models for the original REMIC tax legislation, we get securitization.

Rockport are very happy listening and absorbing information; and then they respond with perceptive solutions. They are incredibly quick to answer any query. But the icing on the cake is that they are calm and fun to work with.

Huxley Somerville | Managing Director

Why B Piece Buyers & Rating Agencies choose us:

Data Integration
Trepp® Data Integration

For mutual clients, Rockport provides Trepp® data directly integrated with your own data. This means you can run your business with the best mix of proprietary data and public data that is available

Efficiency Boost
Enormous Efficiency Boost

Our product is made to make your life easier. We hope that with our product you can leave the office during deals in time to grab a late dinner, versus now when it may be an early breakfast...

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Why Acquisitions / Initial Ratings prefers using us:

  • Automatic Import of Tapes
  • 1 click stratifications
  • Generation of all committee documents
  • Integrated excel for both deal management, as well as loan reviews.
  • Integrated with your proprietary pricing/ratings models.

Why Surveillance prefers using us:

  • Integrated with Trepp Data (for mutual clients).
  • Automatic generation of reporting, including trend analysis, and deterioration detection.
  • Integrates with Proprietary Pricing/Ratings models.
  • Excel integrations (our models, or yours) allow analysis in Excel yet still integrated into a single source of truth.

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