for GSE Lenders


for GSE Lenders

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Rockport provides full life of loan systems for GSE Lenders. Additionally, we work in partnership with Fannie Mae to provide DUS Disclosure®, DUS Insights®, and DUS 360®.

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Rockport is a terrific partner, combining Commercial Real Estate acumen with technology excellence to deliver highly effective digital solutions.

Nancy Atwell | Multifamily Chief Operating Officer
Fannie Mae

All vendors say they want to be your partner. Rockport is unique in their approach as a true partner and team member. They're engaged, responsive and their focus on 'service after the sale', not just getting you to signature, provides long-term value to W&D.

Aaron J. Perlis | EVP & Chief Information Officer
Walker & Dunlop

Why GSE Lenders choose us:


Providing DUS Disclose® , DUS Insights® , and DUS 360® (internal to Fannie Mae components) has given us a great understanding of the subject matter and informs all of our products. It also gives us great comfort that we can handle your loans, because we already do!

Integrated Excel
Integrated Excel

Rockport is the only product that provides integrated Excel modeling - multi-note, multi-prop. We can also integrate your own Excel models. Do not accept imitators.

Asset Management
Ongoing Asset Management & Servicing

We know that just because the loan is done doesn't mean that the work is done. Our system substantially reduces the personnel time required for the ongoing asset management, servicing, and reporting on these loans.

Our integrated excel technology allows us to integrate your proprietary models so that there is no change management, and your well-oiled process can continue. Our powerful reporting tools mean we can clone, down to the pixel, your proprietary internal reports. This gives you the best of both worlds - your well-built processes, but a centralized, single set of truth data, that you can data mine and report on.

Why Underwriters prefer using us:

  • True Excel Integrations to integrate your proprietary models.
  • Can integrate with AI/ML systems for automated spreading.
  • 1 click generation of committee packages, ASRs, business plans that match your formats.

Why Asset Managers / Servicers prefer using us:

  • Integrated Excel for ongoing asset management functions (e.g Ongoing Financial Spreading).
  • Can integrate with AI/ML systems for automated spreading.
  • 1 click generation of business plans, quarterly review, etc. Use our widely used formats, or we can produce them in your proprietary formats.
  • We provide an integrated (but specialized) accounting & servicing product. For those clients who already have a system and don't want to change, we integrate easily with outside servicing systems.

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