for Bridge & Transitional Lenders


for Bridge & Transitional Lenders

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Complex transactions require advanced systems. We've got that. With centralized origination systems, yet also integrated Excel for your models and DCF technology, we provide you with high-caliber transitional lending capability.

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I seldom post comments regarding products or applications. However, with regards to VAL, I highly recommend real estate professionals look into incorporating Rockport’s VAL into their modeling process. VAL is a real Alternative, without all the complexities while providing all the required functionality needed for creating sophisticated projections for all standard property types. Recently, the addition of Hospitality/ Lodging capabilities has made this a go-to application for real estate modeling. Also, Rockport has truly great folks working on their support and development staff. Give them a call today. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and BTW, with their APIs, integration with external applications is really easy - even a non-techie like me can appreciate that.

Tom Skoko | Director of Planning
Rialto Capital Advisors, LLC

Why Bridge & Transitional Lenders choose us:

Data-driven Decisions
Make Data-driven Decisions

Our products will weaponize your own data. With one source of truth and all the data on all the deals you have ever looked at at your fingertips, you can make decisions based on facts on top of your intuition!

Integrated Excel
Integrated Excel

Rockport is the only product that can provide true integrated Excel, including for your own models. Do not accept imitators.

VAL Gives You an Alternative

If you can have:

  • Faster
  • New Powerful Features
  • Cheaper
  • Friendly Support
  • Full Data Privacy

Would you say no?

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Why Underwriters prefer using us:

  • We give you two solutions that Underwriters love. Some choose to use VAL to underwrite their deals. Others have great underwriting models - so we integrate those for you!
  • 1 click generation of committee packages, ASRs, business plans, etc. Once again, use our widely used ones, or we can produce them in your formats.

Why Senior Management prefer using us:

  • Increase Efficiency across your team
  • Drop Unintegrated, Unprotected Excel spreadsheets, where edits can be made, and then forgotten and propagated.
  • Centralize reporting across all loans.
  • Digitize your data so you can make Data-Driven Decisions.

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