for Conduit Lenders


for Conduit Lenders

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A Lifetime of Supporting Securitization

Securitization and CMBS are in our DNA. Founded by Rick Trepp, founder of Trepp®, and part of the team that worked on the financial models for the original REMIC tax legislation, we get securitization.

Trusted by the strongest firms in the industry:

Why Conduit Lenders choose us:

Product Handles All Elements of Securitization

After supporting conduits for the last 20 years, Rockport is known as the go-to system for conduit lending and securitization.

Integrated Excel
Integrated Excel

Rockport is the only product that provides integrated Excel modeling - multi-note, multi-prop. We can also integrate your own Excel models. Do not accept imitators.

DCF Alternative

Rockport VAL provides an add-on to the Rockport Platform which removes the need to use other platforms for DCF. Integrated. Fast. Powerful.

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Why Underwriters prefer using us:

  • Integrated Excel Underwriting
  • Automatic ASR Generation
  • DCF Alternative
  • Sophisticated MLA/Tenant Rollover Calcs

Why Securitization Teams prefer using us:

  • Securitization Tape Generation
  • Automatic Strat Generation
  • Accessible from Anywhere
  • No re-typing since used by the Underwriters/Closers.

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