Rockport CORE

The Commercial Real Estate Platform for Loan Origination and Asset Management

Rockport CORE

The Commercial Real Estate Platform for Loan Origination and Asset Management
Why settle when you can have the best of both
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What is Rockport CORE?

Trusted by the strongest firms in the industry:

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Without question, Rockport is the best vendor relationship I have experienced. They are experts in their field, but even more importantly they truly listen to their clients. We consider them partners.

Joan Uzdavinis | Vice President
John Hancock Manulife

All vendors say they want to be your partner. Rockport is unique in their approach as a true partner and team member. They’re engaged, responsive and their focus on ‘service after the sale’, not just getting you to signature, provides long-term value to W&D.

Aaron J. Perlis | EVP & Chief Information Officer
Walker & Dunlop

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I love it but it's time to take things to the next level.

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It was great while we were smaller, but it just doesn't scale or innovate like we hoped.

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How CORE does things differently:

Technology & Security
Technology & Security

Soc 2 Type 2 certified, Rockport takes security incredibly seriously. We worry about security 24/7 so you don't have to.

Integrated Excel
Integrated Excel

Rockport is the only product that provides integrated Excel modeling - multi-note, multi-prop. We can also integrate your own Excel models. Do not accept imitators.

Highly Configurable
Highly Configurable

Like a high-end suit, we built Rockport to be highly configurable. While there is an enormous amount of functionality crossover between clients, we also understand you have your own special sauce. The system is built to provide the best of both worlds

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Other reasons why people choose CORE:

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Full Life of Loan

No other company provides full enterprise-class systems that go from pipeline all the way through REO, with asset management and accounting & servicing (via Rockport ACT integration)  in the middle.


Customer Service

We are regularly reported to have the best customer service in the industry. Why? Because we care about our clients. 


Owned & Driven by Rick Trepp

We are owned and led by a proven CRE visionary and built to last for decades. No short-term thinking here.


Staffed with Real Estate People

Rockport is built for Real Estate People by Real Estate People.


Product Handles All Elements of Securitization

After Rick’s experience founding Trepp® and supporting conduits for the last 20 years, we are known as the go-to system for conduit lending and securitization.



Partnering with Fannie Mae to provide DUS Disclose®, DUS Insights®, and DUS 360has given us a great understanding which filters back into all of our products. It also gives you great comfort that we can handle your loans, because we already do!


Digital Transformation

In the modern world, you need to be making data-driven decisions. We give you all your data, in one place, comforted and cleaned through your day-to-day operations, with super powerful real-time reporting and visualizations layered on top.


Pipeline Management

A CRE-specific pipeline management module means you can track your pipeline, the right way. No more wrestling with your CRM that wasn’t meant to report on CRE data.


Integrated Excel

We are the only product that provides integrated Excel modeling – multi-note, multi-prop. We can also integrate your own Excel models. Do not accept imitators.


Alternative for DCF Analysis

We (via VAL Integration) provide DCF software. Integrated. Fast. Powerful.


Enormous Efficiency Boost

Our product is made to make your life easier and know that if you are successful, we are successful. 


Using our System Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Processes

Our integrated Excel technology allows us to integrate your proprietary models so that there is no change management, and your well-oiled process can continue. Our powerful reporting tools mean we can clone, down to the pixel, your proprietary internal reports. This gives you the best of both worlds – your well-built processes, but a centralized, single set of truth data, that you can data mine and report on.


Ongoing Asset Management & Servicing

We know that just because the loan is done doesn’t mean that the work is done. Our system substantially reduces the personnel time required for the ongoing asset management, servicing, and reporting on these loans.


Integration with Other Systems

We play well in the sandbox. Both with internal systems and with third-party providers. In the modern world, you can have the best systems – and we’ll make sure we all talk together.


Large Community

We are used by the largest CRE players in the world. Serving them and their needs have battle-tested our products.


Soc 1 Soc 2 Certified by Independent Auditors

We take your data security as seriously as you do.

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