Alternative To Internally Developed Solutions | Rockport CORE

It was great while we were smaller, but it just doesn't scale or innovate like we hoped.

Your needs change as you grow. The beat-up old car you drove when you were 16. That starter apartment when you were 21 years old. These things were perfect for you at the time. The trouble is that they just don’t work anymore as you grow, scale or evolve.

The same thing is true with IT systems.

An internally developed solution probably made perfect sense when you started it. The problem is that at some point, it probably stopped making sense. And that point was probably a while ago.

The good news is that the economies of SaaS companies make it painless to switch. For 1/20th the cost of building, enhancing, and maintaining an internal system, you can rent a cutting-edge, always being enhanced, industry-adopted SaaS. See whitepaper for details of the analysis.

Rockport CORE has been used by the best in the business since 2006. Trillions of dollars of loans have been analyzed, originated, securitized, surveilled or asset managed in the system by the largest financial institutions in the world. This has built a battleship of an application – tested, tried, and an experienced client services team. And you don’t need to do any of it!

How is that possible many people ask? How can you make money doing that?

The reason is the enormous economies of scale that get created in producing a SaaS product. We can invest tens of millions of dollars into building the best products because we then have hundreds of clients across our product ecosystem (CORE, VAL, ACT, AG, ENGINE). We can hire the best engineers around, and have a dedicated security team. In the same way, AWS can sell you computing power at a fraction of the cost to own, so can we with regard to SaaS CRE systems.

So why are you still throwing good money at a problem that could be solved faster, cheaper, and with a lot less distraction for your business users?

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