Rockport VAL

for Consultants

Rockport VAL

for Consultants

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Tired of paying crazy rates because you are a service provider? We don't do that. Even better, you get the fastest and most powerful system on the market.

Trusted by the strongest firms in the industry:

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We just renewed our VAL subscription. VAL is an important tool in our toolbelt. It is user-friendly and flexible. The presentation functions are easy to share within the internal organization or with clients. Instead of being caught up in levels of assumptions, the transparency of the design allows the user to focus on fundamentals and have confidence the output is reflecting the assumptions and objectives of the exercise. From sizing to underwriting and portfolio management, we depend on VAL throughout the investment evaluation.

Stacy Stack-Rudolph | CRE Finance, Underwriting, Due Diligence, Project-Based Work, Consulting, & Asset Management
Exceder Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Rockport VAL is a game-changer in cash flow modeling and valuation technology. We specialize in CRE Services and Analytics, and we love that so many of our clients now request their properties to be modeled in VAL. Its user-friendly interface is efficient and powerful. Its Excel compatibility and versatility in modeling all property types make it indispensable.VAL’s support team and impeccable onboarding make the transition smooth as we continue to scale. New team members become proficient with VAL in mere hours. We highly recommend VAL.

Michael Grilli | Founder & CEO

Why Consultants choose us:

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We Don't Sell Your Data

Your data is your data.
It's that simple.

Large Community

Including some of the largest funds, lenders, V&A, brokerages, and owners.

Client Service
Client Service

Our customer success team is the best in the industry - and friendly too! When you get stuck, we'll get you unstuck.

Why Consultants prefer using us:

  • Powerful Features. Scenarios, Strong Debt Modeling, Lease by Lease functions, the works.
  • Excel Add-In. Integrate your proprietary models.
  • All Asset Classes. We aren't limited to a subset of the universe.

Why Analysts prefer using us:

It's 2023 and Analysts are no longer accepting of old, slow technology. Giving them substandard tools greatly increases the chance that they hop to somewhere else that gives them the technology they crave. They are a fundamental part of the value you deliver, keep them!