Rockport Agricultural

Rockport Agricultural

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What is Rockport AG?

We are trusted by the strongest firms in the industry

Agri Financial
Conterra Financing American Agriculture

Rockport has been an enthusiastic business partner. The system was well designed and intuitive, which allowed us to begin integrating our existing loans immediately. When we asked them to build out additional functionality, they delivered on time and as promised. We look forward to continuing the relationship as we explore additional applications of their product.

Robert Maines | Senior Vice President – Operations
Farmer Mac

How AG does things differently

Used by Ag Lenders
Used by Ag Lenders

We are glad to provide our clients as references. We believe you talking to our clients are our best advertisements.

Built for Ag Lending
Built for Ag Lending

We know Ag Lending isn't the same as other types of lending. Next time someone tells you that you can use their cross asset system to handle your loans, don't listen.


Built in the last 5 years, you won't find old legacy systems here. It's a modern world, use a modern system.

Other reasons why people choose AG

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Built for the Long Term

We built our platform from the ground up. Sometimes the best stories are written when you discard your first attempt and start fresh but with all the experience you learned from Round 1. Go with a system you will never need to replace.


Owned & Driven by Rick Trepp

We are majority owned and led by a proven CRE visionary and built to last for decades. No short-term thinking here.


Used by the Best

We are used by some of the largest of firms. Serving them and their needs have battle-tested our products.


Microsoft Office Look and Feel

We built our system to have a familiar feel to help it feel comfortable and intuitive.


Time Savings

We know that just because the loan is done doesn’t mean that the work is done. Our system substantially reduces the personnel time required for the ongoing servicing, accounting of these loans.


Customer Service

We are regularly reported to have the best customer service in the industry. Why? Because we care about our clients.


Improves Employee Satisfaction

Our product is made to make your life easier and know that if you are successful, we are successful.


Handles All Elements of Accounting.

Amortizations of Deferred Fees/Expenses and Premium/Discount, Multiple Service Fee Structures, and Fair Market Value Pricing.


Complexity Comes Standard.

We architected for complexity from the beginning. Unlimited everything – notes, terms, properties, buildings, investors, relationships. Then layer on top versatile payment types (Amortizing, DOP Amortizing, DOP I/O, Fixed Interest and Annual, Fixed Principal & Interest, Hybrid DOP I/O Amortizing, I/O Amortizing, Modified DOP Amortizing). We challenge you to show us a loan we can’t handle correctly!


Using our System Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Processes

Our system is highly client configurable.


Robust Reporting

We do it all, with 150 Accounting & Servicing Reports including Ticklers, FAMC, and IRS. On top of that, we layer a full, powerful client-driven report writer, grid exporter, and management dashboards.


Digital Transformation

In the modern world, you need to be making data-driven decisions. We give you all your data, in one place, comforted and cleaned through your day-to-day operations, with super powerful reporting and visualizations layered on top.


Data Accessible

Scheduled data feed containing loan characteristics, collateral, and all related details, plus investors/ownership.


Soc 1 Soc 2 Certified by Independent Auditors.

We take your data security as seriously as you do. 


General Ledger Interface

We integrate with your General Ledger of course.


Integration with Rockport CORE

An integrated loan origination, underwriting, closing, asset management, servicing, and accounting system is gold for a large company and drives enormous efficiencies & data-driven decisions.

Start using Rockport to see how it increases your efficiency speed of close at month-end accuracy employee happiness