for Insurance Companies & Portfolio Lenders


for Insurance Companies & Portfolio Lenders

Why settle when you can have the best of both
Experts With Integrity
Analytical Problem Solvers

We have spent over a decade with a dedicated focus on supporting Insurance Companies and other Portfolio Lender clients. We understand the ins and outs of the industry and will provide a long list of happy references.

Trusted by the strongest firms in the industry:

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Rockport is an absolute joy to work with. You all are gracious, kind, and know your stuff. Thank you for helping us drive our digital transformation.

Elizabeth Goff-Plourd | AVP & Sr. Director
Lincoln Financial

Without question, Rockport is the best vendor relationship I have experienced. They are experts in their field, but even more importantly they truly listen to their clients. We consider them partners.

Joan Uzdavinis | Vice President
John Hancock Manulife

Why Insurance Companies & Portfolio Lenders choose us:

Full Life of Loan
Full Life of Loan

No other company provides full enterprise-class systems that go from pipeline all the way through refinance, with asset management, accounting & servicing, and REO in the middle.

VAL Gives You an Alternative

If you can have:

  • Faster
  • New Powerful Features
  • Cheaper
  • Friendly Support
  • Full Data Privacy

Would you say no?

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Customer Service
Customer Service

We are regularly reported to have the best customer service in the industry. Why? Because we care about our clients, and know that you are why we are successful. That simple.

Why Underwriters prefer using us:

  • True Excel Integrations.
  • Use our battle-tested models (used 25,000+ times a year), or we can integrate your proprietary models.
  • 1 click generation of committee packages, ASRs, business plans, etc. Once again, use our widely used ones, or we can produce them in your formats.

Why Asset Managers prefer using us:

  • Integrated Excel for ongoing asset management functions (e.g Ongoing Financial Spreading).
  • Can integrate with AI/ML systems for automated spreading.
  • 1 click generation of business plans, quarterly review, etc. Use our widely used formats, or we can produce them in your proprietary formats.
  • We provide an integrated (but specialized) accounting & servicing product. For those clients who already have a system and don't want to change, we integrate easily with outside servicing systems.

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