Rockport ENGINE

Our Powerful Calc Engine Callable By You

Rockport ENGINE

Our Powerful Calc Engine Callable By You
Why settle when you can have the best of both
Experts With Integrity
Analytical Problem Solvers

What is Rockport's Calc ENGINE?

I seldom post comments regarding products or applications. However, with regards to VAL, I highly recommend real estate professionals look into incorporating Rockport’s VAL into their modeling process. VAL is a real Alternative, without all the complexities while providing all the required functionality needed for creating sophisticated projections for all standard property types. Recently, the addition of Hospitality/Lodging capabilities has made this a go-to application for real estate modeling. Also, Rockport has truly great folks working on their support and development staff. Give them a call today. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and BTW, with their APIs, integration with external applications is really easy - even a non-techie like me can appreciate that.

Tom Skoko | Director of Planning
Rialto Capital Advisors, LLC

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I'm using an Internally Developed System

and I don’t want to try and build what you’ve built - I want to call your APIs.

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I'm using Excel

and I want to call your APIs to super charge my model.

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I'm another Systems Provider

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How our Calc Engine does things differently


Built in the last 5 years, Rockport's Calc Engine is the best of both worlds. Extraordinarily powerful, cloud-native, yet battle-tested.

Built by people who know Calc Engines
Built by people who know Calc Engines

It wasn't our first rodeo building Calc engines. With decades of experience building calc engines that underlie much of the CMBS bond trading world, our people knew how to build it right.

Save Millions
Save Millions

We spent $10+ million in R&D, so you don't have to. Just like no one recreates AWS for fun, you shouldn't feel like you have to for CRE math.

Other reasons why people choose our Calc Engine

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Owned & Driven by Rick Trepp

We are majority owned and led by a proven CRE visionary and built to last for decades. No short-term thinking here.


Developed by Experienced People

The team that built the calc engine have at previous companies built the calc engines that underly many of the other systems that the industry uses.


Facilitator for Digital Transformations

You need to digitize and centralize your data to be competitive. Once you have, you need to run advanced calculations off of it. Don’t recreate the wheel, just use ours.


Save Money

We spent millions and millions of dollars building our engine. We spend millions every year making it better. Why not rent it for pennies on the dollar?



You will not be disappointed. Cloud-native, RESTful APIs that plugin easily.



We built the architecture for speed, from Day 1!


DCF Alternative

You are probably calling another provider to try to help your team run its calcs. There is a better way.


Keep your Excel Models

Our APIs play well with your proprietary Excel Models and can run calcs that Excel can’t.


Time to Market

Recreating the wheel takes time, not just money. Today, time to market is key.


Customer Service

Our product is made to make your life easier and we know that if you are successful, we are successful.


Using our System Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Processes

Keep your system. Use APIs. Have the best of both worlds.


Large Clients

Rockport is used by the largest CRE players in the world. Serving them and their needs have battle-tested our products.


Constant Improvement

We spend millions of dollars on R&D every year. That means you get new features consistently, without having to lift a finger.


Vacuum Cleaner For Dark Data

By allowing your users to stay in Excel, yet connect to a central system, we let you vacuum up the reams and reams of dark data that is currently lost on your shared drives. This data is extremely valuable.


We Don't Compete with our Clients

...and never will. Other providers of these calcs provide services that are competitive to your business.


We Don't Take Ownership of Your Data

You are our customer, not our product.

Start integrating with Rockport Calc Engine and see how it saves you money increases speed to market gives you calc abilities you didn’t have improves your calc times