I'm using an Internally Developed System

and I don’t want to try and build what you’ve built - I want to call your APIs.

First question – do you use AWS? Azure? Google Cloud? IBM Cloud?

If yes, then you can probably skip the rest. You already realize that there are absolutely incredible economies of scale in terms of time to market and cost to using renting computational power from a large SaaS provider.

Rockport ENGINE is no different.

Rockport’s products have been used by the best in the business since 2006. Trillions of dollars of loans have been analyzed, originated, securitized, surveilled, or asset managed by the largest financial institutions in the world. This has built a battleship set of an application and underneath it a killer calc engine and set of CRE-specific routines. The enormous economies of scale that get created in producing a SaaS product means we can invest tens of millions of dollars into building the best products because we then have hundreds of clients across our product ecosystem. We can hire the best engineers around and have a dedicated security team. In the same way, AWS can sell you computing power at a fraction of the cost to own, so can we with CRE systems.

Your choice is pretty stark. Your users want this type of computational power, and probably want it yesterday.

You can spend the tens of millions that we spent and take years (if you are talented and get it perfect on the first try). And when you are done… you’ll have what we have.

Or you can rent our engine and be up and running next quarter!?! You make the call.

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