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Rockport plays well in the sandbox with your other technology, whether it be 3rd party, or internally developed.

VAL has become an integral component of our underwriting process as they continue to enhance their tools that allow our team to work seamlessly across their cloud-based platform and our technology-driven underwriting platform.

Kevin Miller | Chief Credit Officer
Plum Lending

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You no longer need to pick between having Excel or having a centralized credit system. With Rockport’s Integrated Excel Technology, you can maintain all the advantages of Excel while removing the classic limitations.


Realquantum specializes in bringing value to commercial real estate software. Providing a Property Database, Calculation App, Report Writer, and Mobile App. Realquantum increases individual and team productivity up to 50% within 60 days.


Valcre’s secure cloud database is available from any device and allows you to track current assignments and access your extensive data sets - preserving all tasks, communications, reporting, and presentations within a single, easy-to-navigate system. Valcre makes storing client information, billing, and invoicing quick and painless, improving workflow management and optimizing users’ approaches to valuing commercial assets.


Moody’s is committed to bringing transparency, rigor, and efficiency to the CRE markets by offering validated data, rigorous analytics, and cutting-edge workflow solutions that enable market participants to make better, faster decisions.


Trepp is a leading provider of information, analytics, and services to the Structured Finance, CRE, and Banking markets. Our expanded data sets and market-moving insights provide clients with a more complete picture delivering unmatched intelligence.

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