Rockport VAL

for Investment Sales

Rockport VAL

for Investment Sales

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Why Investment Sales choose Rockport:

Guarantee 100% of People Can See Your Models

While some claim that everyone uses one system or another; it is simply not true. A shockingly large % of our industry just uses Excel and can't read the model you just sent them. With VAL, EVERYONE can see the model and bid on your deal.

Debt Capabilities
Superior Debt Capabilities

Debt comes into play on many deals. Why would you not use a system that lets you model it as part of the process?

Better Calcs
Better Calcs

You need features like unlimited Scenarios, Levered Yield Calcs, and dozens more. With VAL they come standard.

Why Brokers prefer using us:

Send the deal out in another system and you risk some potential partners not being able to open the model. Use VAL and it is 100% guaranteed that everyone who wants to see the model will see it. We allow non-VAL subscribers to interact with shared models for 120 days. So everyone can see it, and do their own analysis, and bid on your deal. More models in the hands of more potential buyers lead to more competition and a higher deal price.

Why Analysts prefer using us:

It's 2023 and Analysts are no longer accepting of old, slow technology. Giving them substandard tools greatly increases the chance that they hop to somewhere else that gives them the technology they crave.

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