I'm using a different 3rd Party System

and I'm looking for a better solution.

People come to us for a whole host of reasons:

  • Maybe you were lied to.
  • Maybe you were just in a different place when you made the selection.
  • Maybe your predecessor made the decision, and you are here to pick up the pieces.
  • Maybe you made a good selection, but the 3rd party provider choose not to continue to invest relentlessly in their system.
  • Maybe they have a nice enough system, but just are impossible to deal with.

Whatever the driver, you have come to realize that your current system isn’t making you happy anymore, and it sure isn’t driving you to be faster so you can generate millions more in profitability.

These cases aren’t any different than in a broken personal relationship. Sometimes it just takes realizing it, acting on it, and being happy again.

The good news is that we can make the acting on it part very easy. With the best implementation team in the business, robust ability to import your legacy data, and contracts that are made to be executable right away, we take the pain out of the switch.

Rockport CORE has been used by the best in the business since 2006. Trillions of dollars of loans have been analyzed, originated, securitized, surveilled or asset managed in the system by the largest financial institutions in the world. This has built a battleship of an application – tried & tested, tried, and with an experienced client services team.

Best yet - Our goal is to have your business 20 years from now. That means we treat you right.

Some people value transactions. We value partnerships. This means we make decisions with the long term in mind. Some call it old-fashioned. We call it good, honest business.

Start being happy with your system again: