Alternative To Excel & Word | Rockport CORE

I love it but it's time to take things to the next level.

There are a thousand reasons why you are probably here today:

  • Lack of IT support,
  • The ridiculous cost of building internal enterprise systems (which only gets worse each day as tech salaries skyrocket and malicious actors overseas test financial firms security daily),
  • The relentless pressure deals,
  • A fundamental heterogeneous asset class, that feels like each deal is different.
  • Sophisticated debt structures, and portfolio assets that turn all your designs on their head.
  • And the list just goes on, and on and on.

But then you also wake up and realize you are running a billion-dollar operation, with powerful investors, shareholders, and compliance departments on the back of Word and Excel. This doesn’t work either, and you are probably getting more pressure every year to fix it – somehow.

The good news is there is a solution.

Rockport CORE has been used by the best in the business since 2006. Trillions of dollars of loans have been analyzed, originated, securitized, surveilled or asset managed in the system by the largest financial institutions in the world. This has built a battleship of an application – tested, tried, and an experienced client services team. And you don’t need to do any of it! Even better, we rent this system on a SaaS basis for 5% of the cost of internal development (see whitepaper on analysis).

Yes, for 1/20th the cost of building & maintaining a system, you can have the same system used by the best in the business.

How is that possible many people ask? How can you make money doing that?

The reason is the enormous economies of scale that get created in producing a SaaS product. We can invest tens of millions of dollars into building the best products because we then have hundreds of clients across our product ecosystem (CORE, VAL, ACT, AG, ENGINE). We can hire the best engineers around, and have a dedicated security team. In the same way, AWS can sell you computing power at a fraction of the cost to own, so can we with regard to SaaS CRE systems.

And the best thing?

You don’t have to even give up on Excel! Our system is integrated with Excel so your users get to keep using the tool they love, but fully integrated with your system! And Word? The system automatically generates all the reports that you normally would create in Word. With the click of a button. In your formats. In seconds.