I'm using Excel

and I want to call your APIs to super charge my model.

Stockton and Malone. Brady and Gronkowski. May-Treanor and Jennings. Ruth and Gehrig…

The list goes on. When you combine the talents of 2 phenomenal forces and let them do what they do best, together, you get an unstoppable force.

Your proprietary Excel models and our Calc Engine are the exact same.

We get why you use Excel. We have been building Excel models that integrate with systems for the last 20 years. Our CRE products have their own excel models that are used 25,000+ times a year.

Over those 2 decades, tens of thousands of hours of Excel work and serving the biggest names in our industry, we totally get that some businesses have a model that just works for their business and that the single best thing we can do is to support that model.

The problem is that most of these models are so good for 2 reasons. Firstly, they are highly integrated with your business. This is great. It makes the users efficient, the credit decisions uniform, and the employee experience phenomenal. The second reason though is the problem. They also tend to be highly sophisticated.

This sophistication creates an enormous drag on excel’s local resources. It also creates an enormous risk of errors (or to avoid this risk, and exceptionally heavy QA requirements on every update).

There is a better way. Let our calc engine run the numbers. Your Excel models drive the assumptions and provides the user experience. So instead of having thousands of calcs in Excel cells that can go wrong, or can be stepped on by an overzealous analyst – you call our APIs. You send our calc engine the inputs, we send you the output. Fast and easy.

Goal. Bucket. Touchdown.

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