I'm using Argus®

and I'm looking for a different solution

We get it. For the last 20 years, you really haven’t had a choice.

If you are like us, when you were entry-level analyst decades ago your boss handed you a license and a huge printed binder. Maybe, if you were lucky, the company put you through a multi-day expensive training course. So you learned and it was pretty good. But then the years and then decades came and went and nothing ever seemed to change. You started to root for something new. Eventually, you gave up and assumed nothing would ever change…

Well, all things end.

5 Years ago Rick Trepp and other veterans of the Commercial Real Estate game decided to it was time to provide the industry a choice. Well capitalized and aggressive, we have pursued this unrelentingly.

Now there is a new opportunity.

You can either assume that things never change, bury your head in the sand, and continue to be forced into tech conversions every couple years, vendor favoring contracts, potentially giving up ownership of your data, high prices, even higher training costs, and constrained features.

Or you can try VAL for FREE, and just see. We challenge you to try us and then go back. You won’t be able to. There’s a reason that we are adding new clients by the bucketload every month.

The grass IS greener.

Experience VAL for yourself: