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We get it. For the last 20 years, you haven't had a choice. 

Now, there is a new opportunity - a long-awaited and requested market alternative. 5 years ago, Rick Trepp and other veterans of the Commercial Real Estate game decided it was time to provide the industry with a choice.

You can either assume that things never change, or you can try Rockport VAL.

How VAL does things differently

100% True Cloud-based Modern App
100% True Cloud-based Modern App

Login from anywhere - on any device - no installation required.

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Client Experience

No more waiting on hold for an hour for an answer. We don't take you for granted. We believe in earning your business every day with great service.

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Learn in 1 hour. Mastery in 2 hours. Training $0.

Import ARGUS® Exports -

or copy/paste from Excel into VAL - no need to recreate existing models.

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Share VAL models with anyone

No license required to edit.

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Excel Add-in

Seamlessly integrate VAL data with your Excel models.

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Unlimited Valuations & Scenarios

No limitations in our models.

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2-way Open API

Enables data feeds in from and/or out to your proprietary models and service providers.